Bright Star

helping you to shine again

A bright star can glimmer in the darkest places. It can even begin to change dark places with its light. That’s why Bright Star is dedicated to helping people shine at their full potential.

Its founder, Dr Fiona Schneider helps clients to gently explore the areas of life that are holding down self expectation by discovering and addressing the source of these heavy pressures.

The result is a fuller release of their potential to shine.

Shining includes professional and personal achievement but is much more than this. It is about the transformative effect of peace and fulfilment on people’s personal, emotional and spiritual lives – and on their spheres of influence.

home quote

We are all of us stars, and we deserve to twinkle.

– Marilyn Monroe

  • For Teenagers

    seeking to gently explore ways to wholeness as teenagers prepare for their launch into independence

  • For Health Professionals

    specialist mentoring services for clients whose work is in the healthcare sector

  • For Women

    a safe space for women and girls to explore issues which might inhibit their ability to shine

  • For Schools

    visiting schools to teach on relationships and sexual education